Abc’s Of Quantum Computing


Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson released an injunction versus software application giant Microsoft requiring the business to provide computer makers the alternative of certifying its Windows os for pre-installation without being forced to also bundle the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer internet browser. However, Jackson likewise rejected the Justice Department’s idea that he impose a punitive fee of one million dollars a day to quicken Microsoft’s policy change. Judge Jackson also designated the kept in mind market guard dog Lawrence Lessig as ‘unique master’ to the Microsoft anti-trust proceeds. The judgment would be appealed December 16.

Former industry leader JT Storage, a manufacturer of hard drives, declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. 10 months later on, it would declare Chapter 7 to liquidate following the sale of its best known department, Atari, to hardware developer Hasbro Interactive for just five million dollars.

But, I digress….

The African country of Gabon provided a new postage stamp featuring a sledgehammer poised to eliminate a Y2K bug from a desktop computer.

But What About This??

Teacher Andrew White and a team of analysts at the University of Queensland perform the very first quantum computation by controlling quantum mechanically-entangled photons in order discover the prime factors of the number fifteen as a proof-of-concept that would serve as proof of the practicality of quantum computing.

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