What is Deburring?

You may have heard the term deburring, but are unaware of just what it means. Firstly, it does not mean treating bushes in order to remove those burrs that get stuck to your clothes when you venture too close (though wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get rid of those?).

de burring

Deburring actually refers to the metal finishing process which removes flaws that occur on parts following material compression. In this case, burring occurs during stamping, fineblanking, forming, casting, or molding of material. The ragged edges, raised particles, protrusions, and shavings that result mar the effectiveness of the part and lower its aesthetic value. Customers may assume that parts which look ragged and worn are used and of low value. Thus, for the reasons stated above, it is necessary to eliminate these errors. Imperfect parts can also even cause safety problems for the workers using them.

Deburring does all of this without changing the shape of the parts in the process. This is key because a misshapen part will no longer be able to fulfill its intended function.

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