How To Stay Organized

Staying organized for people who are accustomed to working disorderly fashion can be extremely difficult.  Here are some tips for staying organized.

  • Keep lists.  One of the best ways to stay organized and make sure you’re accomplishing all your tasks is to create lists.  Note everything down as tasks, and check them off one by one as you complete them.  It helps you make sure that you’re finishing everything and checking off tasks is also a great feeling.


  • Set a timeline.  Set a timeline schedule as well as deadlines for yourself even if you’re employer doesn’t require you to have one.  By setting up your own deadline, you can keep on schedule with your own timeline.  This will help you get things done on time as well as help with time management.
  • Keep track of emails daily.  Each morning, go through your emails and sort them right on the spot.  Delete the ones you don’t need and move the ones you do need.  Then, for the emails that require you to do work, keep them in the inbox until you’re finished.  Then, move the email into a “completed” or “finished” folder.

These are just the start of organizational tips.  There are a ton more to help you get your life organized.  Come back for more!